Sharp EL738FC Financial Calculator, Black

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Keep your calculations efficient and accurate with the Sharp EL738FC Financial Calculator. An essential tool for professionals and students in the real estate, banking and financial sectors, this calculator comes with amortization, cash flow, TVM and interest rate conversion functions. It also has bond calculations, depreciation, break-even and date calculation functionality as well as cost-sell-margin and markup functions all in one device. Its compact size makes it easy to keep in your home or office desk, plus it's portable enough to keep in your briefcase or backpack when needed.

  • Has a 10-digit, 2-line display for better visibility
  • Features business and financial calculations such as TVM, amortization, cash flow and interest rate conversions
  • Includes cost-sell-margin and markup calculation functions
  • Has 2-variable statistics with linear regression functionality
  • Offers bond calculations, depreciation, break-even and date calculation functions
  • Dimensions: 3.26" W x 0.433" H x 5.91" D
  • Colour: Black