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by HP
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HP57 C6657A Tri-color Original Product Ink Cartridge for HP-1 / pack

Product specifications:

Color: Three colors
Product: Inkjet cartridge
Type of product: Original
Number of copies: Up to 391
Number of ML: Up to 17ml
Manufacturer No .: HP 57 C6657A

Compatible with these printers:

HP - Color Copier Series:

Color Copier 410

HP - DeskJet Series:

DeskJet 450cbi
DeskJet 450ci
DeskJet 450wbt
DeskJet 5150
DeskJet 5550
DeskJet 5550w
DeskJet 5551
DeskJet 5552
DeskJet 5650
DeskJet 5650w
DeskJet 5850
DeskJet 5850w
DeskJet 9650
DeskJet 9670
DeskJet 9680
DeskJet F4100
DeskJet F4135
DeskJet F4140
DeskJet F4180
DeskJet F4185

HP - Digital Copier Series:

Digital Copier 410

HP - OfficeJet Series:

OfficeJet 2110
OfficeJet 4110
OfficeJet 4110v
OfficeJet 4110xi
OfficeJet 4215
OfficeJet 4215v
OfficeJet 4215xi
OfficeJet 4219
OfficeJet 4255
OfficeJet 5510
OfficeJet 5510v
OfficeJet 5510xi
OfficeJet 6110
OfficeJet 6110xi
OfficeJet 6612

HP - PSC Series:

PSC 1110
PSC 1200
PSC 1205
PSC 1210
PSC 2510xi
PSC 1210v
PSC 1210xi
PSC 1300
PSC 1310
PSC 1315 PSC 1315xi
PSC 1350
PSC 1350v
PSC 2100
PSC 2110
PSC 2110v
PSC 2110xi
PSC 2170
PSC 2175
PSC 2175v PSC 2175xi
PSC 2210
PSC 2210v
PSC 2210xi
PSC 2400
PSC 2405
PSC 2410
PSC 2410v
PSC 2410xi
PSC 2420
PSC 2510
PSC 1210A2L
PSC 2510xi

HP - PhotoSmart Series:

PhotoSmart 130
Photo Smart 130xi
PhotoSmart 230
PhotoSmart 230v
PhotoSmart 230xi
PhotoSmart 2410
PhotoSmart 7150
PhotoSmart 7150v
PhotoSmart 7260
PhotoSmart 7260v
PhotoSmart 7260w
PhotoSmart 7350
PhotoSmart 7350v
PhotoSmart 7450
PhotoSmart 7550
PhotoSmart 7550v
PhotoSmart 7550w
PhotoSmart 7660
PhotoSmart 7660v
PhotoSmart 7660w
PhotoSmart 7760
PhotoSmart 7760v
PhotoSmart 7760w
PhotoSmart 7960
PhotoSmart 7960v
PhotoSmart 7960w

What is an original (oem) toner cartridge?

The HP 57 C6657A (oem) toner cartridge is a material manufactured by the printer manufacturer. The quality and safety of the HP 57 C6657A are recognized and guaranteed * by it.

The HP 57 C6657A toner cartridge is released to the market in new condition, and has therefore never been remanufactured.


Toner cartridges (oem) are very expensive and the warranty * is very limited by the manufacturers.

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